Responsibility / Social standards


Social standart

Companies of the PLAURUM Group constantly strive to ensure their business management is worthy of customer confidence. As such they develop products with new value - often in collaboration with customers - and help to give birth to clients' initiatives. This customer-focused approach was shaped throughout decades of history at plants belonging to the PLAURUM Group.


Customer responsibility

In order to ensure the reliability of its products, companies of PLAURUM Group, including SAFINA and EZOCM, traditionally take an integrity-based approach to maintaining constant quality. Our facilities have been certified according to ISO quality management standards since the 1990s. Assumed by the plant top management, Quality policy provides customer-oriented approach, fulfillment of clients’ requirements and expectations, takes into account the opinion of shareholders, personnel and the society in general. The instrument of successful realization of this policy is development of Quality Management System of the enterprise according to the requirements of ISO 9001-2008. The plant top management provides understanding and realization of the policy in the sphere of quality. Getting acquainted with the policy in the sphere of quality takes place in all the divisions of the plant and its production areas. Explanation and instruction on the subject of the quality policy to the personnel is held by divisional managers. These tradition of quality-consciousness and focus on customer needs goes back over a hundred years now.


Environmental protection

Mining and production of precious metals is an energy consuming, wasteful process. Our priority is to recycle all unavoidable waste and minimize our environmental footprint to save resources for future generations. That is why PLAURUM develops technologies that help to consume fewer resources and avoid use of toxic materials such as Acidless Separation technology that doesn't require use of acids, which makes it a real green technology. At PLAURUM's recycling workshop we are able to recycle waste with low precious metal content, saving precious resources. Our fluid hammer technology is another great example of a sustainable way to produce precious metals.


Responsibility for employees

Human resource is the core of PLAURUM's expertise and long-term success. Social policy of PLAURUM is formed in accordance with the strategy of the company and defines the principles of personnel management through the improvement of systems of selection of new employees, career guidance, education and training.

The main tasks of social policy at PLAURUM are:

- Guaranteed execution of the Constitution and the Labor Code of the rights and obligations of employees; compliance with laws on labor and trade unions, the collective agreement and other documents regulating labor relations;

- The development of professional and personal competencies of employees, encouraging professional and career development;

- Improving the living conditions of workers;

- Leisure and entertainment employees and their children;

- Working with the veterans;

- Development and strengthening of corporate culture in which employees recognize organizational targets as well as their own roles.


Social responsibility

An important part of success of any sustainable business refers to creating opportunities for the people and communities. With respect to this PLAURUM helps and supports:

- General education and specialized schools;

- Municipalities in the areas of production localization;

- Populations in need by providing charitable assistance and support;

- Development of cultural programs;

- Populations in need by providing charitable assistance and support.