01 October 2018

Production of platinum-rhodium alloys. EZOCM JSC was highly appreciated by international experts in the area of analytical chemistry.

The high quality of platinum-rhodium alloys produced by Ekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant JSC (EZOCM JSC is a part of the PLAURUM international group) was confirmed by foreign experts in the field of analytical chemistry and statistics.

Participants in a major global project of studying and developing of quantitative risk assessment methods that can be beard by enterprises and their customers in the process of product deliveries have studied the production of platinum-rhodium alloys at EZOCM JSC, as well as a procedure for analyzing their composition, performed by the Central Analytical Laboratory (CAL ) of the plant. The experts came to the conclusion that the system of quality assurance of production and control of platinum-rhodium alloys implemented at the enterprise is at such a high level that the risks of delivery of defective products or deliberate refusal of the client from the supply of these products because of suspicion in defects are essentially eliminated.

"When a customer receives a batch of products from a Manufacturer and pays for it, it takes a risk that the latter could by mistake oversee the existence of defective products. The Manufacturer is obliged to minimize this risk, ensuring full compliance of the products with all the necessary quality requirements. At the same time, the manufacturer must eliminate the risk of a client's erroneous refusal of delivery, "said Alexey Fomin, Deputy Head of Science and Technology Department (STD) of EZOCM JSC. - Such risks can have a global character when it comes to the assumptions of defective products or the refusal of delivery of not just one particular batch, but from lots of batches, for example, during the year. The calculation of the probability of occurrence of such negative moments, based on the analysis of the entire cycle of production of platinum-rhodium alloys, has become the subject of interest of experts. The probability is estimated as very low."

We note that the work to reduce these and other risks is regularly carried out by the EZOCM JSC in accordance with the requirements of the company's Quality Management System under ISO 9001: 2015 (risk-oriented approach).

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