11 July 2018

EZOCM has developed a new technology of iridium oxide coating on the technical products made of titanium


Since the beginning of the year 2018 EZOCM JSC has been implementing a major strategic project on manufacturing high-precision components for medical industry made of precious metals alloys and other materials.

The project implementation consists of several stages including analysis of high-precision components market, adoption of the equipment for production of such components as well as adoption of a number of required manufacturing technologies. The newest developments include the technology of current-conducting iridium oxide coating on the electrode details for pacemakers made of titanium VT1-00 and VT6 grades recently developed by the Chief Chemist’s Division.

The process of such coating consists of the following sequential operations:

– chemical etching of the electrodes surface;

– iridium salt coating on the electrodes surface;

– thermal decomposition of the iridium salt with formation of a corrosion-resistant current-conducting layer of iridium oxide and titanium oxide mixture on the product surface.

Dmitry Shulgin, Head of Science and Technology Department, has mentioned that the new technology enables to coat iridium oxide on a wide range of titanium electrodes items. Preliminary chemical etching of electrode surface improves the adhesion of the film that consists of a mixture of iridium oxide and titanium oxide to a titanium substrate. According to the customer’s request, the thickness of iridium oxide and titanium oxide mix layer can range from 2 up to 5 micrometers. The trial prototypes of Ir-coated electrodes have been delivered to several customers and we have obtained positive feedback from them.  

The developed technology enables to coat the corrosion-resistant current-conducting layer of iridium oxide and titanium oxide mix on other titanium products, such as plates, bars and tubes.

Nowadays production and supply of high-precision components is one of the most promising fields of EZOCM JSC business development. The Russian manufacturers of medical devices as well as manufacturers of dental products and materials, clockwork, etc., follow the import substitution policy and are looking for reliable Russian partners capable of manufacturing of the entire range of such ready-to-operate components.

With respect to equipment, in 2017 EZOCM JSC acquired and brought into operation Automatic Lathe Swiss Turning Machine that allows producing high-precision products of various sizes. In the latter six months of 2018 and 2019, after adoption and testing of all necessary technologies the plant will be ready to supply products to the Russian customers on an industrial scale. In the medium term the plant will possibly enter the European market with these products.

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