07 June 2018

At EZ OZM, the number of employees with advanced degrees is growing.

In addition to the advanced enterprise in the field of production and processing of precious metals, JSC & laquo; EZ OCM & raquo; It has a historically established status as a forge of scientific personnel. Production processes, new technologies and methods of work more than once became the basis of topics for dissertations for various degrees, successfully defended by our employees. This glorious tradition is still alive today. So, most recently, in the middle of April 2018, the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences was received by the leading engineer of NTU JSC "EZ OZM & raquo; Evgeny Kuzas.

Evgeny Alexandrovich came to the plant in 2012. At this time, a new technology for producing rhodium hydrochloric acid by an electrochemical method was actively mastered at the refining shop.

"I participated in laboratory research, watched semi-industrial tests, but took the most active part in the design, commissioning and subsequent maintenance of the technology. It was then that I became very interested in electrochemistry & raquo ;, & ndash; tells Eugene.

In the course of the work, the young engineer came to understand that other types of raw materials containing PGM can be dissolved using electric current, such as schlichovaya platinum, KP-1, sludges of nitrogen industry , ruthenium and iridium in powder, etc.

& laquo; The best results, in terms of manufacturability and cost-effectiveness, were obtained in the course of laboratory studies for the electrochemical dissolution of schlastic platinum. It became obvious that this process could seriously compete with the traditional technology of jaw-sparing dissolution, which is characterized by high intensity with significant operating costs and environmental risks. Awareness of the demand for electrochemical technologies and determined the final choice of the topic of the thesis & ndash; & laquo; Dissolution of raw materials containing platinum group metals under the action of an electric current & raquo; & raquo ;, & ndash; he says.

In graduate school at Ural Federal University, Yevgeny Kuzas studied from 2013 to 2017. under the scientific direction of the famous Russian scientist-metallurgist, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, doctor of technical sciences, professor Stanislav Stepanovich Naboichenko. PhD thesis defense took place on April 13, 2018 at the meeting of the dissertation council. After all the official protection procedures, according to the results of a secret ballot, members of the dissertation council decided to award Yevgeny with a degree in technical sciences in the specialty "Metallurgy of ferrous, non-ferrous and rare metals". So in our factory the number of employees with an advanced degree has increased.

Today, the electrochlorination technology of rhodium powder is implemented in the refining shop. In addition, preparations are underway for the design of an industrial electrochlorinator for dissolving platinum and other types of raw materials. We wish Evgeny Alexandrovich not to stop at what has been accomplished, continue to use their knowledge and experience for the development of the production of EZ GCM and further successful progress in scientific work.

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