09 January 2018

EZOCM announces the appointment of the new General Director

Ekaterinburg, December 26, 2017. Alexander Andreev was appointed the new General Director of Ekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Processing Plant (the base enterprise of the international group of PLAURUM companies). Prior to that, he held the post of Deputy General Director on Commerce of EZOCM.

Alexander Andreev previously worked at the Bereznikovsky Titanium-Magnesium Works being part of VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation, and a number of other enterprises. Since joining EZOCM, he has been directly involved in the development and implementation of the plant development strategy. As the head of EZOCM Mr. Andreev will focus on increasing production efficiency and expanding of finished products sales geography and volume.

Denis Borovkov, who was the head of the plant since 2011, will soon become the head of one of the industry-specific non-profit organizations. Also, Mr. Borovkov is planning to continue his participation in the international projects of the PLAURUM group.

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