23 October 2017

PLAURUM Group presents new solutions in the field of catalytic systems production and supply

Several hundreds of large companies from the US, Canada, Russia, countries of Asia and the Middle East, among others, manufacturers and buyers of nitric acid, nitrogen fertilizers and nitrates, as well as manufacturers of the production equipment for these products took part in ANNA-2017 Conference, which was held in Austin, TX on October 1-6. This year PLAURUM Group was represented by Stuart Toner, CEO of Safina Materials (PLAURUM subsidiary in the USA). At the PLAURUM Group stand the catalytic systems manufactured by EZOCM JSC, as well as solutions of SAFINA Company and its subsidiaries on servicing of these systems were presented to participants and guests of the Conference.

Being within the same Group EZOCM and SAFINA have got a possibility to implement highly competitive joint technical solutions. Catalytic systems production and supply experience of EZOCM and SAFINA competence in the field of their refinement for subsequent receiving of platinum account for bundled service comprises supply, refinement and processing of catalytic systems.

“The offer by PLAURUM Group corresponds to most recent trends on the global market in the field of catalytic systems supply,” Mr. Toner said. “Such bundled services are in high demand in the US, as well as in all other countries with developed nitrogen industry worldwide.”

Attending ANNA-2017 Conference is a step in the strategy of PLAURUM Group to expand production and supply of high-technology products containing platinum group metals and catalytic systems in such quantities worldwide.

Denis Borovkov, Director General of EZOCM, says: "EZOCM has been attending each ANNA Conference since 2014. Taking part in this event has enabled us to establish business contacts with the manufacturers of nitric acid on the markets of North America, Europe and Asia, as well as get into contact with other potential customers. As a result of the 2016 Conference, the Group has started trial deliveries of catalytic systems to the nitrogen industry enterprises of Canada, which may later lead to regular cooperation projects. At ANNA-2017 we presented PLAURUM package solutions and demonstrated possibilities of global level supply of catalytic systems."

In 2017 overall, EZOCM JSC and other enterprises of PLAURUM Group took part in all main Russian and international events of the nitric industry. In addition to ANNA-2017, the aforementioned enterprises participated in Nitrogen + Syngas 2017 Conference in the UK, Nitric Conference in China, the first SCIF -2017 Conference in Georgia, which discussed innovations in the field of production of mineral fertilizers production, "Infochem" Conference in Russia and in other events.

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The Ammonium Nitrate / Nitric Acid Producers Study Group (ANNA) is an informal international community of major producers of nitric acid and nitrates, established with the purpose of promoting networking and cooperation in the nitric industry worldwide.

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