20 November 2017

PLAURUM Group presented its vision for the future development of the precious metals market at the Prague Conference IPMI 2017

On November 13-14, 2017, a seminar of the International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI) was held in Prague, the main theme of which was «What will our metals future look like» in Europe. Experts from different countries of the world discussed changes in the precious metals market, new technologies for their processing and innovative products.

PLAURUM International Group, which includes the Czech company SAFINA, a.s., took part in the seminar. Group PLAURUM's view on the future development of ths market presented Denis Borovkov, CEO Ekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant (EZOCM, member of PLAURUM Group), Deputy Chairman of the Board of SAFINA Company, a.s. "We focus, above all, on protecting and increasing the value of our finished products. We try to expand our range and focus on specific products, such as the medical use of precious metals and the recycling of spent catalysts. Our future is very clear, together with SAFINA, a.s, we will develop new products and services and develop our activities in new markets, for example, in the US and China," Borovkov said.

"This IPMI seminar is mainly devoted to the metals of the platinum group, which are currently the most important from the point of view of industry. The main consumer of products from platinum group metals is the automotive industry, through the production of catalysts to reduce air pollution," adds Borovkov.

There is a specific situation in the precious metals market in terms of international cooperation, Denis Borovkov said: "We can say that all our competitors are also our partners, because this is a very closed world. We are well acquainted with each other and we cooperate, we supply each other semi-finished products and final products. We are both competing and cooperating. Therefore, we meet and share our views and forecasts of future development. For us, the Russian company EZOCM the most important is the partnership with SAFINA, a.s., with which we cooperate as a sister enterprise, we support each other, constantly exchange technologies and grow together."

Within the framework of the seminar, a technical excursion to the company SAFINA, a.s., which is located in the village of Vestec in the suburbs of Prague, took place. The participants of the seminar had an opportunity to see the production workshop, in which silver targets, in particular for architectural glass, are produced. Especially for the participants of the technical tour an exhibition of samples of PLAURUM products was organized. SAFINA, a.s., and EZOCM employees took part in the event, presented the products to the guests and consulted it with them.

Guests were also shown films about the activities of the PLAURUM and presented a new virtual show-room of the group. Visitors to the virtual 3D show room can both familiarize themselves with the products of the PLAURUM and see how it is produced.

CEO of SAFINA, a.s., Petr Koutský noted that such meetings are very important for strengthening ties with suppliers and consumers of the group's products. "Some of today's participants in the technical tour to the SAFINA plant previously visited our company and for many it was the first visit to the plant. For us, it is important that professionals who work in the field of precious metals processing could see with their own eyes the level of our production and adequately assess it."

For information:

In the Central and Eastern Europe, SAFINA a.s., belongs to the leaders in noble metals processing. The key area of company’s business is the purchase of materials and various types of raw materials with content of precious and non-ferrous metals, their processing and the production of a wide range of products containing gold, silver and platinum group metals. At present, the company expands its presence on the European market, but also advances its business activities in Russia, North America and Asia. Since 2016, SAFINA is incorporated into the global PLAURUM.

PLAURUM Group unites the production sites in Russia (EZOCM, UPCR), Central Europe (SAFINA a.s.), the US (Safina Materials), China (Yantai Guodasafina High-tech Environmental Refinery CO., Ltd.), as well as trade offices in the United States, Slovakia, Poland, Romania and Kyrgyzstan. The main trends in the development of the group is the processing of mineral raw materials containing precious metals and recycled precious metals, provision of services for acquisition, processing, refining and supplies of precious metals as well as production of industrial materials and products from alloys of precious metals. The group develops new technologies and products, analyzes various kinds of raw materials and materials containing precious metals, works out its competences and range of services in the field of non-ferrous and rare earth metals.

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