26 September 2017

​SAFINA, a.s., presented metal powders for 3D printing in Warsaw

The possibilities of additive production are constantly expanding, as evidenced by the stand of the Czech company SAFINA, a.s. at the international conference Microelectronics and Packaging Conference 2017 (EMPC) in Poland. From 11 to 13 September, SAFINA, a.s. was presenting to the conference visitors the production of metal powders made of precious and non-ferrous metals.

«Our company presented its production of metal powders produced by gas atomizing and hydrometallurgical processes, and subsequently produced flakes. The development of production responds especially to the new trends in the production of tinier, more powerful and more quality microchips, as well as other fields using highly conductive compounds with a very fine structure of flakes. We are ready, besides standard products, to develop new flakes and powders according to the customer’s needs, whether pure or coated," says Ing. Aleš Herrmann, Sales Director of SAFINA, a.s.

Using a gas atomizer, SAFINA, a.s. produces copper powders, that are characterized by high fluidity and electrical conductivity, minimal impurities and extremely low oxygen content. As a company specializing in the processing of precious metals it produces with the equally high parameters also silver, gold, platinum and palladium powders.

«Another technique we use to produce metal powders is chemical precipitation, which allows us to modify properties such as particle size, fluidity and density directly to customer requirements," says Ing. Aleš Herrmann.

Powders produced by deposition of silver layer on the non-metallic particles allow the customer to reduce costs but keep the required parameters as electrical and thermal conductivity at a level comparable to pure silver powder. At present, SAFINA, a.s., manufactures silver coated copper and glass powders and is working on developing new types.

«Thanks to the EMPC 2017 conference, we were able to better understand the requirements of companies working with metal powders and recognize the potential for further development of this very interesting market. We have led a number of enriching discussions, so we can now start developing new products based on current market demands," concludes Ing. Aleš Herrmann.

The EMPC is held by International Microelectronics and Packaging Society, to bring together the entire supply chain representatives in the field of microelectronics, science and technology. This enables academia and industry to better understand each other’s needs and capabilities. Every two years, are presented the latest research and development results and their applications in industry.

The conference focuses on microelectronics and encapsulation technology for electronic chips including high-tech disciplines such as 3D printing of electronics, flexible electronics, photonics and encapsulation with wafer-level packaging technology. Particular attention is also paid to the design of electronic components, modelling and simulation of their operating conditions and testing of their reliability.

The EMPC conference was held for the first time in Central Europe, providing an opportunity for the involvement of experts and representatives of the supply chain from all over Europe. The participants were given the opportunity to view the latest products of industrial enterprises, to get acquainted with state-of-the-art technologies and to discuss future developments in the area of research and production.

For information:

In the Central and Eastern Europe, SAFINA, a.s. belongs to the leaders in noble metals processing. The key area of company’s business is the purchase of materials and various types of raw materials with content of precious and non-ferrousmetals, their processing and the production of a wide range of products containing gold, silver and platinum group metals. At present, the company expands its presence on the European market, but also advances its business activities in Russia, North America and Asia. Since 2016, Safina is incorporated into the global group Plaurum.

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