18 September 2017

Safina a.s. (Plaurum Group) produces silver targets for facade glass with grains tinier than 20 microns

Experts from the company Safina a.s., one of the European leaders in precious metals production and processing, further advances the homogeneity and fineness of the material structure of silver targets for the deposition of very thin metal layers on facade and window glass.

«Today, we manufacture silver sputtering targets with a very homogenous structure and a grain size less than 20 microns. According to this parameter, Safina a.s. is the world leader," says Petr Koutský, CEO of Safina a.s. «Such a fine structure enables to deposit very thin silver layers on facade and window glass in high quality.»

Due to the silver layer, the facade and window glass gets required reflectivity and heat insulation properties. In summer, such glass manages to prevent the interior from overheating and that way it saves up to one third of expenses on air condition. Company Safina a.s. belongs to the largest European suppliers of sputtering targets for the glass industry.

Safina a.s. introduced the production of sputtering targets for depostition of metal layers on various base materials in 2001. During that time, it established itself as a reliable supplier of these precious metals components not only for the glass industry, but also for electrical engineering and other industries which derive benefits from properties of thin metal layers on their products.

For Safina a.s., the production of sputtering targets made of pure precious metals and their alloys for various types of commercial use is one of the most significant areas of activities. It is the supplier for the world’s largest flat glass producers.

At present, the company focuses on the development of metal alloys and sputtering targets for the emerging segment of manufacturing of glass with smart electrochromic layer that responds on the intensity of electric voltage.

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