29 June 2017

SAFINA, a.s. (PLAURUM Group company) successfully developed a technology for production of thin-walled platinum tubes

Vestec, May 31th, 2017 corporation SAFINA, a.s., a prominent producer of materials containing precious metals in Central and Eastern Europe has been achieving significant results. SAFINA is about to launch a unique technology intended for production of thin-walled platinum pipes.

Based on the client inquiries, our team of qualified technicians worked for over a year on the research and development of thin-walled platinum pipes. As a result of this project, SAFINA, a.s. is now able to offer thin-walled platinum pipes with the thickness of 0.2mm, outer diameter from 1.5mm, and length up to 2m made from pure platinum and alloy PtRh10, PtRh20, Pt10Ir. "We are pleased to announce that the development has been successfully completed and we can extend our portfolio by this unique product that will find its use in chemical, glass, and especially in medical industries." as told by Daniel Cerveny, production technical director of SAFINA, a.s.

Platinum tubes will be available on the market from July 1, 2017.

SAFINA, a.s. is one of the leaders in the production of materials containing precious metals in Central and Eastern Europe. Main activities of the company include waste management and handling of materials, which contain precious metals. SAFINA is also a producer of a wide range of products made from precious metals and special alloys used in medical and other industries. Currently, SAFINA is expanding its market share in Europe as well as in North America, Asia, and Russia.

SAFINA, a.s. is a member of Plaurum Group incorporates production facilities in Russia (JSC EZOCM, OAO UZCHR, LLC UZCHP), Central Europe (Safina, a.s.), United States (SAFINA Materials Inc.) as well as branches in Slovakia, Poland, Romania, and Kyrgyzstan.

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