21 August 2017

RECYCLING TODAY: Plaurum smelting technology targets specialty metals

Russian firm says its smelting method can maximize precious and minor metals recovery from catalysts.

The Russia-based Plaurum Group says it is boosting specialty metals recycling levels in that nation with its Ekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant (EZOCM) facility.

In a report summarizing its efforts in 2017, Plaurum Group says operations at the facility have focused on sampling catalysts and other types of industrial scrap “with a low content of precious metals.” The technology consists of two units for sampling and a plasma smelting furnace, which was commissioned in July 2016

More detailed: http://www.recyclingtodayglobal.com/article/plaurum-ezocm-russia-catalyst-platinum-recycling/

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