01 October 2016

TRADE REPRESENTATION: Ekaterinburg non-ferrous metals processing plant

JSC “Ekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metal Processing Plant” (EZOCM), being a part of RENOVA Group, renders full range of precious metals refining and processing services, and manufactures products of industrial usage made of gold, silver and platinum-group metals.

On the 23th of October, 1916 start-up of Ekaterinburg refinery factory took place, and this date was the beginning of industrial production of pure platinum metals in Russia. From the moment of its formation our enterprise was a pioneer in the field of new products application and technologies. The plant was standing at the beginning of precious metals refining and was the first enterprise in Russia that began to produce technical products of precious metals, it participated in formation of new enterprises, it was and it is now in the forefront of the industry development.

The plant has almost 95-years history of development, the plant today is one of the leading companies in the sphere of production and refinement of precious metals. Among our long-term customers there are 1200 enterprises in Russia and abroad.

More detailed: http://www.rustradeusa.org/eng/catalog.aspx?CatalogId=2245 

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