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Our mission 

Following century-long traditions of labor, combining production capabilities, scientific potential, innovative technologies and customer-oriented approach to market demands, we are striving to derive maximum practical value from exceptional properties of noble metals to achieve groundbreaking results in scientific and technological progress together with and for the benefit of our partners and customers.

Taking new challenges, we create new technologies, materials and components that can yield new results when applied in numerous industries where our products are used: mining, metallurgy, petrochemistry and glass manufacturing, electronics and instrument-building, healthcare and alternative energy. Step by step we follow our mission, making the world more perfect and safer in all counties and across all continents.


Our vision


In the 19th and early 20th century companies currently constituting PLAURUM Group were among the founders of the precious metals industry and made a significant contribution to developing the technologies of manufacturing pure precious metals and goods.


In the 20th century, on the cutting edge of the industrial development in their respective countries, PLAURUM companies were able to offer their partners and customers efficient technologies and products in the areas of processing precious metals and manufacturing new industrial goods whose application opened up new opportunities for scientific and technical progress in whole sectors of economy.


In the 21st century PLAURUM Group is ready to make a new decisive stride at the global market so that its partners and customers could respond to the challenges they are facing in terms of more efficient solutions for processing poor and hard-to- extract types of raw materials, new products for cutting-edge industries, and new relations with customers that will take them to their own achievements.